What is a Pocket Gecko?

The Pocket Gecko is an articulated 3D-printed fidget toy that you can seemingly bring to life in your own hands. Manipulating a Pocket Gecko is a satisfying and calming experience that provides stress relief, anxiety relief, and a unique sensory experience. You can also prank your friends and family into thinking he's really alive. Instructions and videos below will help you tame and master your Pocket Gecko

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A short introduction to Pocket Gecko

First Step: Catch One

You can make your Pocket Gecko look like he's alive by sneaking up to it and "catching" it. The technique involves making a quick move to snatch it near the head with your thumb and index finger and and while holding it, using one of the other fingers in your hand to make it wiggle, like it's trying to get away

Basic Manipulation

This method will require a bit of practice. The trick here is to place the Pocket Gecko on your fingers as you hold your hand palm side up in front of you. As you hold it, move all your fingers slightly up and down rapidly and randomly. This creates the illusion that the Pocket Gecko is moving. At the same time, start tilting your hand so the head of the Pocket Gecko starts to slide off your hand onto your other hand, which is also doing the finger wiggle. Keep doing this, alternating hands and you will create the illusion that the Pocket Gecko is crawling from hand to hand

Using Thread

Insert clear thread or light fishing line into the tiny hole under the Pocket Gecko's chin. The thread will exit from hole close to the neck. Make a simple knot in the thread where it came out. Secure the other end of the thread to your clothing at waist level (belt, shirt button, maybe use a safety pin). With hands palm-up in front of you, place the gecko on your fingers. Slowly move your hand away from your body. As the gecko begins to come off your hand, catch it with your other hand. It will appear that the Pocket Gecko is crawling over your hands. Wiggle your fingers as you do this to enhance the illusion